Eva Marie’s Wardrobe Malfunction was a Major Setback for Her Smackdown Debut

Eva Marie is one of the hottest WWE female wrestlers today. She has bested other women to reign supreme and has even proven that he can take some of the men head on. Unfortunately, Eva Marie’s wardrobe malfunction led her to cancel her smackdown live debut. She eventually went back on stage for future matches.

Wrestler Eva Marie had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during the WWE Smack down. Her bra snapped, exposing her breasts.

She was quickly covered by the referee as she was struggling in covering her breasts because of the incident.

Eva Marie is one of the strongest forces to be reckoned with in the world of women’s wrestling. She has defended the title quite a few times.

Not only did Eva suffer from wardrobe malfunction, she also had a very tough match that ended up with her being escorted out of the ring as she could barely walk.

Without a doubt, Eva Marie is one of the hottest female wrestlers of today. Hence, when she had a wardrobe malfunction, all eyes were on her.

Eva Marie was supposed to have a debut at Smackdown live when the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction happened. She was forced to leave the competition.

Despite what happened during the match, she said that she would continue wearing what she wants and inspire more women to take a stand.

Eva Marie is adored not just because of her ability to fight in the ring, but because of her sheer beauty and sexiness.

Aside from reigning supreme on the ring, she has also modeled for various brands and became the face of those brands.

After the incident, Eva Marie didn’t really comment. Instead, she just tried her best to avoid it from ever happening again.